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What is the most boring time in Tower Defense games? The time during the rounds, in which one can do nothing but watch, whether the defense was good enough or not and if not, one looked at the whole round for nothing. So what if you could influence the gameplay in real time by steering a main tower from the ego perspective, like in a shooter? That’s exactly what you can do in Scrapspire.

Our Blog

On our blog we post updates of all diffrent kinds about Scrapspire, our studio and everything else what could be interesting for you. So dont miss your chance to read it sothat you can tell your childs once that you were one of the first ever who read the blog of Ridiculous Games.

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Do you know where you can punish the developers directly for their bad balancing? Right. That´s our discord. Here you can talk to other community members, make suggestions for the game, talk to the devs directly and take part at polls. Welcome to our HQ!

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Even if you wanna see visual progress too we got you covered. On our twitter account we post unregulary screenshot, gifs and the latest news. So if you want to get the quickest news or a first impression on how the game looks on your favorite social media platform, visit us there!

Visit us on Twitter!

Our rough progress:

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Always feel free to contact us for whatever reason. Equal if you want to make suggestion, to ask a question or want a cooperation this is the easiest way to go. Note that we are not available all the time and that answering all emails might take some time.

About us

We are a development studio based all over the world of currently 7 people. Our first and current main project is Scrapspire which was started around November 2018 with just the idea but things started to really develop around Janurary 2019 when we found most of our current team members. Although we all work on the project out of a lot of passion in our free time, we take this pretty seriously. Our focus is to actual finish this game with a professional release but we will see where the thing will go.  ^^  More about us as persons can be found in Our Crew .