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What is the most boring time in Tower Defense games? The time during the rounds, in which one can do nothing but watch, whether the defense was good enough or not and if not, one looked at the whole round for otherwise. So what if you could influence the gameplay in real time by steering a main tower from the ego perspective, like in a shooter? That’s what you can do in Scrapspire. 

Our main mission is that we redesign the whole tower defense genre to make it even more strategic but especially more filled with action. By combining the shooter and tower defense genre we try to take the best part of both and put them together. You can´  t imagine that combination? Then what about following our progress and trying it out as soon as you get the chance to do so?

“Scrapspire” Is a typical tower defense game in a post-apocalyptic setting, but with new innovations with which we want to significantly expand the possibilities of the genre. The attacking mutants, as it´s common in the genre, try to get through the paths from all directions to your centrally located main tower in order to attack and destroy it. There is a preparation time in which one can rebuild and improve the defense by building different types of defense towers at the clearly recognizable locations of former ruins, and the time during the attack itself. In this one plays one of the defense towers or the main tower itself, which can also be improved over individual levels, from the ego perspective. The weapons of the towers are controlled similar to typical shooters, but with the difference that you can only rotate and not move freely.

Tower and Guns

The entire experience is also diversified by incorporating different types of sidequests outside the normal levels, such as fighting from a single tower without any preparation phases. This will be appropriately incorporated into the story, which will have a special importance in the game. “In a world in the future, laboratory experiments with mutations went wrong, and after most of the cities have been eradicated by the mutants, Billy defends himself against the hordes of creatures with his DEVE computer unit alone. However, what he can never forget is that he left his family behind for his survival. “

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Even if you wanna see visual progress too we got you covered. Every few weeks we make detailed devlogs about our progress with a lot of background footage for example about how we make the game. Also this the place where you will find trailers and other special footage.

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